This website has been compiled by the Irish Skittles Association to help promote the development of the game throughout the country.

We would like to take this opportunity to inform people about the history of the game, previous All-Ireland results, upcoming events and how people can get involved in the game.

Skittles is a skilful game with some few players having legendary status. It is an entreating game and one that is relatively easy to organize on a local scale and it is open to a wide range of participation, male and female, from the very young to our senior citizens. Skittles generates a Community spirit at a local level among participating teams and can be established in any community at practically no expense.

If anyone has any questions about the game, its introduction to the community games or how to establish it in their area please contact your Area or County Community Games Secretary or feel free to contact ourselves. Members of the Irish Skittle Organisation will be happy to talk to anyone who wishes to establish the game in their area for young or old.

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