Irish Skittles has an ancient tradition going back to the middle ages. It was first played in Ireland at the local Crossroads for many years but was developed into organized competitions in the last half-century.

The major change was the transfer from a crossroads game to a modern game, with concrete pitches, standardized rules and organized competitions. In 1976 a formalized constitution was introduced into the Cavan area and in 1978 became an All Ireland constitution with an All Ireland committee in charge of the organization. Local county League and county championships have been held in Co. Cavan since 1972 and the All Ireland series commenced in Mitchlestown in 1976 and have been running annually ever since.

This transition of the game of Skittles from a rural crossroads entertainment to a modern competitor sport has not been easy. Fortunately the introduction of the game to the young people in the country through the Community Games in 2008 has given the game a new lease of life and long may it continue.

For further information on the game of skittles in Ireland and abroad please have a look at research complied by James Masters at www.tradgames.org.uk/games/Skittles.htm

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