How to Play


Irish Skittles is quite an easy game to play. It can be played by two people or by teams. Mens team consist of 5 players while there are 3 on a Ladies Team.

To layout the skittle ring, five “dollies” or “standers” are stood at specific points in the ring. Each stander is worth a certain number of points. For a score to count the stander must be knocked clear of the ring.

Each “stander” is made from wood and is 4 inches in height. They are 3 inches square at the bottom and are tapered up to 2 inches square at the top.

A game consists of five rounds. In each round, each player throws four pelters. There is no set way to throw the pelters, but they must be thrown in an underarm fashion.

For a score to be valid the pelter must be thrown over the “short line”, which is placed 1 metre in front of the ring. This is to prevent rolling or “skidding”. Any pelter landing on or before the short line is deemed a “Foul throw”. The player cannot throw that pelter again, but can continue to throw any remaining pelters they have in their hand. Any stander knocked over by a foul throw is to be removed from the ring and the score does not count.

It is possible to knock all standers out of the ring with only 3 pelters. If this is achieved the standers are all stood up again and the player is allowed to throw their remaining pelter. Therefore, it is possible to achieve a score of 30 or 34 in one round.

The winner is the individual or team who scores the most points over five rounds.


To view a printable version of the skittle ring dimensions please click here

To view a printable version of the skittle rules please click here

To view a Team Scoresheet please click here


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